Top Tips for Starting an Online Business In India

When it comes to e commerce, India is not quite yet on par with the ‘developed’ world, but this only means that the market is still ripe for smaller online entrepreneurs to enter and attempt to carve a niche for themselves. Now is the time to start an online business in India, and you may find the following tips useful to help you on your way.

  1. Find Your Niche/Find a Need and Fill It: Trawl online forums and the social media pages of bigger brands and find out what clients are having problems with and/or asking for but not receiving. Do research on keyword searches-attempt to ascertain which keywords are being frequently searched for but do not have as many results.
  2. Identify Your Target Market: This goes without saying for any business, but keep in mind that your target market may be quite broad due to the nature of e commerce. Do not attempt to be a crowd pleaser, but do not be afraid to aim for as diverse a market as possible either.
  3. Design and Build Your Website according to Your Target Market: Your website should obviously be suitable to the product or service which you will be selling, but should also be targeted to your core market. For example, presenting a technically spectacular website to a somewhat less tech-savvy target market may not only be a waste of time and resources, but may also be somewhat of a deterrent.
  4. Get Your Domain Name Right: You essentially only have one shot to get your domain name right. Of course, you can change your domain name later, but doing so is a veritable death knell for a new online business. Make sure your domain name is either simple and straightforward or, alternatively, unique, and easy to spell and remember.
  5. Add an Email/Newsletter Subscription Widget to Your Site: If you do not have such a widget on your site, you are missing out majorly on free, solicited marketing. Plain and simple.
  6. Get a Proper Payment Gateway Up and Running from the Get-Go: It goes without saying that you should be able to processes online payments when running an online business-forget about offering an EFT option instead, as 9/10 customers will not go for it. You also need to ensure that you opt for a reputable payment gateway that offers secure payments and a high to near-perfect transaction success rate, as there is nothing that sends clients heading for the ‘X’ faster than a glitchy payment system.
  7. Social Media: Do not underestimate the power of social media-not only for marketing yourself to potential clients, but also for maintaining relations with existing clients and for listening to their feedback. Social media allows businesses an immediate to and fro with clients that was never possible before; do not underestimate the value of this exchange, nor the damage that an irate client can cause on social media if unattended to.
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This article is written by Kapil H, An author, content writer & E Commerce specialist & co founderof Delhi Courses.

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