Top 5 Tips and Tricks in Working of Whatsapp

Whatsapp has been used by billions of users and the numbers are gradually increasing at it pace. Facebook owned messaging app have many updates on its platform. Recently whatsapp updated its “forward label” messages and “delete” sent messages. Whatsapp is a platform where you can probably connect with your friend through text based chatting, verbally as well as visually. With the advent of whatsapp video calling and normal calling, most of the users effectively utilizing this feature.



Some of the features are discussed about whatsapp which are not operated by majority of them.


1. To check seen message on group:


If you want check whether any participant has read your message on group then continuously tap on your message and then tap on three-dot settings option < INFO. However, you cannot see other participant’s message info, you can identify your own message info.


2. Saving data on Whatsapp call:


Probably most of them are not aware of this feature as this feature can save your data by consuming less data. Open your whatsapp, then tap on three doted menu < settings< Data and storage usage< Low data usage. The last option which low data usage will be available at bottom of the data option. You have to enable your low data usage option by checking on it.


3. Bookmark on Whatsapp (Star)


When you normally open your whatsapp profile, by chatting with your friends you may have seen bookmark button (star symbol) when you long press your chat or your friend chat. You can check starred message by clicking on three doted menu < view contact < Starred messages. This feature is not often used by users but it is really helpful for bookmarking important chats.

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4. Knowing your blocked status:


Whenever you are operating whatsapp, there is a dilemma about the person has blocked me or not. Some predict by viewing their whatsapp photo and last seen (if they both are not available). But these predictions are wrong as you can judge by sending message to someone and if there is only one sent tick without two ticks, then it must be concluded that you may have been blocked by that particular person.


5. Setting customized tone to a group:


You can set your custom tone for group chat and for individua chats too. This can be done by opening your group, then tap on three doted menu < Custom notification. You may not want to see notification anymore, as your message tone will be a sign to know who has messaged.


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