Top 4 Tips and Tricks for Creating Blogs on WordPress

What Is Wordpress ?


WordPress is a tool which is also known as content management system (CMS) that helps you to design your website with advanced feature including plugins and template system. It is a free tool and is based on PHP and MySQL language. This platform is helpful for beginners as it will assist them in creating the website easily. You can create your site with much ease as there are options easily available at left hand side of your wordpress dashboard.



Many webmaster do not get traffic on your website as they are not aware of optimizing their site with the help of various techniques. Search engine Optimization is an effective technique for increasing the visibility in search engines. But luckily, wordpress is a tool which can assist you in optimizing your site with the help of different plugins. In my opinion, whenever you initially set up your wordpress, then make sure to add following plugins:

• XML Sitemap
• Social Warfare
• Contact 7 form
• SEO Ultimate+


Here are some of the tips and tricks for your effective wordpress blogs:


1. WordPress SEO Plugins:


You can take benefits from SEO plugins by installing all-in-one SEO pack and enable the bloggers to do better optimization of their website. SEO plugins can help you to improve your ranking in search engines and enables in high page rank authority by adding Meta title, tags and description.


2. Emphasize on keywords while posting blog:


It must be kept in mind that keywords play a key role in boosting your ranking your sites. Keywords should be targeted on meta description, title as well as on tags. The relevance of keywords is important is a sense that whenever searches search out on your topic, it is likely to appear your website if searcher types related keywords.

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3. Enabling Permalink for SEO:


Permalink is an important part while doing SEO as whenever you compose your web page, make sure to enable permalink options (usually “Post-name permalink”) for optimization if your site. However, while setting up of wordpress, enable permalink option by going in settings option on wordpress dashboard. It enables googlebots to crawl your web pages by identifying your relevance of web page.


4. Social buttons:


Whenever you are creating web page, then it must be noted that your website should have social buttons for sharing across social networking platforms. “Social Warfare” plugin is effective plugin for sharing and it is prominent for webmasters to install.


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