The Real Difference between Marketing and Advertising

Most people fail to understand that there is a significant difference between Marketing and Advertising. Both the terms appears to have a similar meaning but are highly different from one another. Advertising is nothing but a part of marketing whereas the marketing is the whole process.





Advertising is one of the most important and crucial part of a successful Marketing campaign. Advertising is all about caring the product or service out in the market and reaching out to potential customers in order to generate sales. Advertising is the most important step as it represents all the work done previously and the result depends on running a successful advertising campaign. There are several processes and techniques of advertising a brand or a product depending upon various factors such as funding, type of the product or service or the availability of the resources. There are many advertising strategies and related research such as buying ads, space for advertising, newspapers, magazines, billboards etc.




The simplest way of differentiating between Marketing and Advertising is by considering Marketing as a cake and Advertising as a piece of it. Along with Advertising, there are a lot of other functions such as product designing, customer satisfaction, prices, market research etc. that together come under Marketing. All these factors work independently but in order to achieve the same Goal. Marketing works as a whole. In this process you cannot lay emphasis on one task and leave other. For example if you are focusing on advertising and generating leads, this does not mean you can ignore pricing, research and other factors. This is the reason why Marketing is considered as a bigger game. Market research and developing advertising strategy are two most lengthy and hectic task to carry out in Marketing. These tasks may take up to several days before actually executing the task.

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Many new companies often make the mistake of confusing Advertising and Marketing for the same thing, usually the new ones. They try to compete with other big players ignoring the amount of research, pricing competitiveness and other factors that they have put their resources in. And result is always devastating for them. Advertising is a major component of marketing but this does not mean that you divert all your resources towards that aspewct only. One has to realize that Advertising is just a step and there is lot more to do to run a successful Marketing campaign.

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