Significance of Link Wheel

What Is Link Wheel?


Link wheel is a great SEO technique which is used to drive large amount of traffic towards a particular website. This Link Wheel is a great marketing strategy but most people are not familiar with how it works. Link Wheels are primarily created in order to gather huge traffic and ranking. These are a great way to increase website ranking and traffic without much investment and are a quite profitable technique for Small Businesses and Marketers. Link Building helps a website to get ranked higher on various search engines such as Google and Bing.



1.Several Link wheels


There are several Link wheels spread throughout several websites. These link wheels can be created in the form of Article submission, comment writing, Product review, blogs etc. These Link wheels contain Backlinks and website links on various other sites in order to drive the traffic towards a particular main website.

Apart from this one most important thing that any Marketer and website owner needs to understand is that providing unique and attractive content for the readers is the most important factors and adds a lot to the success of Link Wheel. Link wheel is a key way to generate huge traffic for your website and is one of the most affordable techniques used by the marketers.


2.Generating traffic through backlinks


Backlinks are the links that are present on other websites and divert the search crawlers and visitors towards your own website and generating traffic. These Backlinks which are inter related together form Link wheel. If these Backlinks are of high quality then they could easily drive up the ranking and increase huge traffic for the website.

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Whenever a viewer on a site clicks a word or phrase that has URL attached to it, then they are directed towards that particular website or sometimes the user clicks the particular URL to reach out to the website. These Backlinks can be found on various websites such as Blog posts, forums, web2.0 and many other places in order to form a Link wheel. Main motive of a Link Wheel is to increase the website traffic and ranking on search engines.


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