Permalinks in WordPress: An Important Technique in SEO

What is Permalink?


Permalink is type of URL which determines your web address of a specific web page. At the time of initial set up of wordpress, you must enable permalink by going in settings. There are different types of permalink you will view but in my opinion, enable “post-name permalink”. It plays a vital role while submitting it on google as automated software called spiders or robots crawls your site on the basis of your web page URL for the purpose of getting indexed on google.
Permalink enable you to rank on top of the search result page as by enabling post name permalink, it will able to target keywords on URL and helps google to index your page effectively. Many webmaster are in dilemma to configure which permalink structure is best.



To evaluate keywords importance, you can search out in wordpress dashboard settings. There are six types of permalinks which include default, day and time, month and time, post name, custom structure and numeric permalink. The day and time or month and time permalink option is often neglected by webmaster as it becomes difficult for google to crawl due to lot of numbers.

If we talk about “Custom Structure” option as a permalink, then you can use number of various variables to determine your wordpress permalinks. There are lot of variables but most of the time you will need only two. It includes “category” and “postname” permalink structures which you have to write on custom structure option box by separating variables with slashes (/).

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It will enable to judge the category of the particular web page with its post name. For instance if you are creating your lyrics web page then you must write like this: /%Hollywoodsong%/%lyrics name %/. It is useful technique for the purpose of SEO in search engines as it will helps to identify googlebots about your relevance of title. If you do not want to add category section on your permalink, then you may delete that part and it will able to display your web address and the post name. As according to google your website URL should be short and precise in order to rank high in search engines. You may add different link shortners for your long links for shortening web address URL like, and various others.

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