Let’s Start Learning Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also referring as online marketing or internet marketing, is the technique or the practice in business to do the marketing and promotion of your services and products using the digital technologies or online channels like websites, mobile application, search engine, social media, email etc.

“Digital Marketing” this word came into the existence in late nineties, but it became popular in starting of 21st century. Hence it is also referring as 21st century marketing. It totally changes the procedure of marketing of a product or service using the technology. Today people use digital devices instead of going physical shops so digital marketing campaigns are becoming more efficient and relevant.

In other sense Digital marketing is the advertising of product and services through electronics channels like internet, television, radio, mobile etc.




What is Digital Marketing in the Present Perspective?


In the present perspective:


Digital Marketing is defined as the promotional activities which are done over the web. This can help an individual or a business to reach his target audience achieves its business & financial objectives.
Hence when we talk about digital marketing more over we are talking of online digital marketing which can be perform using the internet over the web? Other form of digital marketing is offline digital marketing that take place on other electronic devices like radio, television etc.

But most commonly when we say “Digital Marketing”, we are actually referring “Online Digital Marketing”. We are not here to learn the marketing through television and radio.
It is interactive marketing technique, we also advertise on television, which is also electronic but not interactive.
Mainly online digital marketing is performed on the internet and the telecom networks.
Though it occurs online, but it can enable both the virtual or offline world. Example of Digital Marketing in the virtual or online world is search engine marketing, email marketing or social media marketing.

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It is helpful for both large business and individuals, and for digital marketing we don’t need to spend too much budget.
It is more focused, and helps to reach and target the audience. One can use numbers of targeting method to reach their audience.

Finally we can say that it helps a lot to in achieving financial and business objectives as compared to traditional marketing.

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