Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

LSI also known as Latent semantic Indexing is the mathematical relation between different words and terms with the content. Whenever a crawler crawls content, it identifies the key words that are most relevant and useful. These are known as LSI keywords.



Although you might not be giving much importance to them but Google a much importance for them as it helps search engines to provide accurate ranking and therefore it is quite important in terms of serp’s. But what most of the webmasters fails to acknowledge is that stuffing your content with such keywords and using them again and again might not help you instead makes you vulnerable to the penalty from Google. A Google penalty is probably the last thing that you want for your website.


Here are a few ways in which Google detects and LSI keywords and how it affects your website.

Using Related Keywords


Using your focus or main keyword is good but only up to a limit and therefore using a keyword that is related to or somehow similar to the main keywords is known as LSI keywords. Using the same keyword for long can causes to keyword stuffing and decrease in ranking.


Keep It Flowing


While creating as content never thing about the keyword as this might hamper the natural thoughts and views that you are providing in the article and therefore the content might not be original anymore. Once the content is created, now you can alter it according to your Keyword requirement keeping in mind the importance of Originality and uniqueness of the content.
One thing that is unhidden is that Google loves natural and unique content. It is always better to pen down your thoughts naturally without thinking of stuffing it with keywords.

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Relevancy is what that is paid. If the content that you are providing to your visitors is relevant and informative enough then, you do not have much to do about it. You might be creating your own LSI keywords and not knowing about it.

These are a few ways in which you can successfully generate LSI keywords for your own website and increase your ranking on search engine.

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