Introduction to Facebook Pixel

Facebook has attained huge popularity among masses and has a daily user base of million of people. Thus it is a great hub for marketers to advertise their brands and products and reaches out to the masses. But most of the advertisers don’t know about the potential of a powerful marketing tool provided by the Facebook, i.e. Pixel.



Facebook pixel is a code that can be put on your website and can be used to track the traffic from Facebook. Moreover it can be used to find out the stats, demographic, conversions as well as retarget the audience that showed any interest in the Advertisement. It operates by placing the cookies and triggering them which further helps to track the customers interaction as they click on the advertisement.


Some benefits of Facebook Pixel are mentioned below:


Tracking Conversions


Facebook Pixel helps in successfully tracking the conversion from the Facebook advertisement. It helps the marketer to analyse the success of the campaign. Moreover it also helps in identifying various stats such as the device from which the purchase is made. Therefore a marketer can use this information to redefine their marketing strategy and Ad campaign.




Pixel also helps to retarget the audience that either previously visited your website or had some form of engagement with your advertisement. This can help you to target the audience back that previously left your product in cart and therefore is a great remarketing tool.

Every marketer should use Facebook pixel while running a Facebook Ads campaign in order to target the potential customers more effective.

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Facebook pixel is a great tool and can be used to run remarketing Ad campaigns that are considered to be effective while promoting a product or a brand. The current pixel is combined of two older versions of: custom audience pixel and conversion tracking pixel. The conversion tracking pixel was discontinued by Facebook in 2017. The new Pixel provides better UX and more features to optimise campaigns.

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