Instagram Marketing: Pros and Cons

Instagram is one of the most popular and growing social media platform with millions of active users. Instagram is a photo and video sharing application that has become quite popular and has been proved a great marketing. Although a number of marketers fails to build a successful campaign on instagram due to certain limitation and whereas certain Businesses flourish due to certain pros of Instagram marketing.



Here is a list of Pros and Cons of Instagram marketing.



Images are the Key


Instagram is a photo sharing application. Thus, it is easier for companies and marketers with such products and services than can be promoted using images such as, café, restaurants, Hotels, Travel services etc. This helps them to provide customers with enticing images and lure them into using their products and services. Images provide the visitors the true value of the product and Instagram is the best option to market your images.


Viral content


On a platform like Instagram, not much goes into marketing. If you can provide your followers with a content that is worth sharing and displays the true value of your product, then they complete most of the leg work. Word of mouth is a great marketing tool on Social media platforms and therefore a company must understand how to use it for their own benefit. Once your followers find an enticing content on your page and starts sharing it, than the content is bound to get viral and help in marketing.



Young Crowd


Unlike Facebook, Instagram isn’t popular among the user from all the demographics and age groups. It is limited to yo0unger generation and therefore is only successful for a limited range of products. Moreover younger generation doesn’t have much money to spend on products on instagram and therefore, not every one that is present on instagram afford to buy there.

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Not Business Minded


Most of the people on Instagram are their just to spend their idle time. Not many are interested in buying products there and therefore it is hard for marketer to generate revenue.

These are a few Pros and Cons of Instagram marketing. Although due to certain problems Instagram might not be the idle place for certain companies. But for various products it is the best place to market their brands.

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