Influencer Marketing: A Complete Guide for Beginners

What is Influencer Marketing?


It is a type of marketing where influential people promote your brand rather than a target market. It enable to promote your productive activities by making use of influencers who had acquires potential customer under their influence. It is considered as an eminent technique to attract potential customer and get more engagements.



Social media is a biggest platform for promoting your brand and many marketers are adopting social marketing for the purpose of encouraging business. Business enterprises are indulged in these types of activities to influence customer and stand out in market. Presence of online business is not enough, building reputation through social media platform by marketing the product on facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp.


There are two kinds of influencer marketing:


• Social media marketing


• Content Marketing


The above two forms of influencer marketing may be connected which uses influencers who has the ability to influence others to buy the products and services which are you going to promote. The concept of influencer marketing is not new and is evolved at the advent of social media sites. Celebrities, Leaders, Sports person and famous vloggers are the main influencers in their respective fields or brands for promotion of product and services.

Social media communication has given a chance to share content related to your brand or product in famous communities. You can post high quality photos and videos on celebrity communities pages which enable your credibility and trust of you product if approved. Influencer marketing are more natural and appropriate rather than conventional advertisements. Influencers have powerful followers and can make your work easy in promoting. They have popular role models and leaders through which you can build your credibility with persistent efforts and skills to connect with those followers. They have influencing personality as people shows their interest and believes in them.

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Influencer marketing is cost effective technique as it saves your time in promoting manually by posting pamphlets and flyers in your locality. However, there is not fixed amount of pay in influencing marketing as you can pay them by judging their performance or simply negotiating the flat price. Influencer marketing is a great source of getting best ROI and is proved to be more effective and cheap as compares to traditional marketing.

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