How Bloggers Should Make Use Of Social Media?

Blog marketing is a term used seldom in digital marketing. This is because bloggers do not use overt marketing tactics to promote their blog. With the rise in competition in practically every niche out there, the need for marketing across different platforms has become absolute.

Social media is a platform which has always confounded digital marketers and blogger alike. Unlike other digital marketing practices such as SEO, SEM, and others which work and deliver within a given framework, the same cannot be said about social. While there are some common traits in successful social media accounts, there is no defining rulebook for success on social media.

In this article, we will discuss some social media tactics which can be used for blog marketing.

Analyze Social Media and See How Other Bloggers are Getting Engagement

Sometimes bloggers can be guilty of putting all their eggs in the content basket. While this is not bad in itself, it can be naïve to focus completely on content. Bloggers have to do more to reach out and find customers who may never discover their blog and the content they work so hard on.

Social media helps in this regard. By simplifying the problem of reach, it allows bloggers to find communities and people who are potential readers of their blogs.

While social media is a great platform, using it to drive engagement and traffic to blog successfully is another matter.

Many bloggers tend to struggle on social media because the medium is much different from a typical blog. Ideally, a blogger should spend a lot of time only analyzing how other bloggers use social media to drive traffic. This is something most bloggers almost never do, and so end up paying the price for failure.

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Social media is unique in the sense that it allows people to freely browse through all kinds of content, posts, images, and see engagement data for themselves.

A blogger from a given niche should analyze what influencers in the same line are doing. Furthermore, bloggers should make note of posting patterns, engagement data, and other metrics to set up templates and targets for themselves.

Create Long Term Content Strategy

It is vital to have a long term vision which is easy to articulate and implement on social media. Most successful bloggers have a certain template they tend to follow on social media, whether it’s related to the type of content being written or a running theme in h content itself.

A successful content strategy is analogous to a great novel. A great novel is not simply great because of its excellent story, but also because of the ingenuity of the author in making use of tools which make the story work. Bloggers should think of a single post as being a step in a long overarching strategy designed to drive engagement on social media.

The benefits of a long term strategy are many. Bloggers manage to create a special image around their social media profile, one separate from the crowd. Think about your own social media feed and the people you follow. How many of them do you really take seriously? Probably, only a handful amongst many. This is because those specific accounts have managed to add a narrative quality to their posting. Your social media profile should do something similar.

Know more about digital marketing by going through some famous blogs and websites providing in-depth education on the same subject. Also consider joining a digital marketing course at a reputable training institute with experienced trainers.

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