Demerits of Free Web Hosting

For beginners, you should often opt for free web hosting plan by host provider. If you are creating your new website then you may have seen a lot of web host providers on the internet but you are still in dilemma to choose a better host for your website.

With some of the drawbacks, it is beneficial for the rookie as they are not willing to spend a penny for their initial startup. With the help of free web hosting, you can able to get trained in managing an online file manager, FTP usage, uploading various data and many other features. It doesn’t take any delay in execution of website when registered by the host provider.

But obviously, free web hosting is generally less useful for full-fledged businesses online or for the professional bloggers who need appropriate space for their website to operate efficiently. So, there are certain disadvantages of web hosting-



Demerits of Free Web Hosting-


  1. Advertisement

    –   The main drawback of web hosting is an advertisement. The main source of income for free web host provider is through advertisement as they provide you the hosting free of charge. Each and every website under free web hosting contains different banner ads.

  2. Bandwidth Size

    –  The reliability and space of bandwidth is the major issue in free web hosting. Most of the web hosting provider offers only 3 GB of bandwidth space monthly which would result in slow connectivity issue and you are not able to open a single page of your site quickly. It demotivates the webmaster to further expand their site.

  3. Domain suffix

    –  In free web hosting, dot-com suffix is not for the customer. As this suffix means reaching your website to the audience worldwide. But it requires a lot of speed and connectivity which is only available through paid hosting.

  4. Unavailability of your own Domain Name

    –  The other drawback is the Unavailability of own domain name. Most of the free web host providers will provide you with a subdomain of their URL. It means that you cannot make your own domain website through free web hosting and requires to pay for the web hosting.

  5. Restricted features

    –       Free web hosting generally does not have much features and customization of various features. It also lacks the technical support as they do not offer many functions in hosting. Customers using this type of hosting often faces a lot of trouble in slow speed issue as well as the allocation of space.


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