Blog Commenting: Undermined Secret To Successful SEO

Blog commenting is undoubtedly one of the most under rated yet important technique for back linking. This is because of the increase in the number of spammers, that most of the times your comment is considered to be one of the spams and therefore left unresponded to. Blog commenting is a crucial part of back linking but most of the people fail because they ignore some of the key things that needs to be kept in mind in order to successfully build links using Blog commenting.


What is Back Linking?


Back linking is the process of getting links from other websites directing towards your website. This process of generating links is also known as Link building. Link building can be done by many ways such as Blog commenting, Guest blogging, Article submission etc.

Blog commenting is one of the best ways to build links for your website but due to lack of professionalism and spamming, most of the comments are either left unapproved or moved to spams. This is because of some of the common mistakes that people undergo such as :

• Adding links and URL in the comment.

• Very short comment.

• Irrelevant comment to the content.


What is a Professional Blog Comment?


A professional comment is the one in which there is no link or url pointing towards your website. One needs to select the type of the website that you are writing the comment for. If the website you are commenting on is of the same niche, this might help you to drive the traffic and provide the relevant insights in the comment. Another important thing is to read the content and know the content that you are commenting about. If your comment is irrelevant or has no mention of the to be information provided to you than it is bound to be considered as a spam.

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This is how a professional comment works and therefore it is important for a Blog commenter to spend some time in formulating a comment that entices the visitor to reach out to your blog. Whenever you are submitting a comment, it asks you for the name, email address as well as URL. There you can mention your blog post or the website and get links if approved by the website.
This is how Blog commenting can help you build links for your website and increase your SEO ranking easily.

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