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What do you tell your prospects when they ask you “What makes you different from everyone else?”

Here’s what management consultant Gaurav does.

He tells his prospects to search the number of mentions he has on Google! Since Gaurav has hundreds of articles and other links, he looks like a rock star compared to his competitors!

I follow this strategy all the time. I actually have people calling me up asking – so does article marketing really work? I ask them if they’re by the computer right now. Then, I tell them to Google my name “Eric Gruber.” You’ll see hundreds of links with my articles.

If you do that right now, you should find on the front page my articles on Microsoft Dynamics,,, and many others.

I, not only use this strategy when I am trying to sell to new prospects, but also when I am speaking live on stage or on teleseminars. It helps me build credibility with my audience.

Remember, every time you write and submit articles, you increase your credibility and visibility – and that can pay off in many ways! But in order for this to work you must follow a few basic rules.

3 Article Marketing Rules You Must Follow If You Want to Increase Credibility and Visibility

Rule #1: Write and submit articles on a consistent basis.

Article marketing will NOT work if you just write articles and submit articles every once in a while. You should write at least one article per month. If you need help generating article ideas – check out my Instant Article Writing Templates at

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Rule #2: Submit your articles to the top websites and ezines that your audience is going to every day for information that you can provide.

Don’t get me wrong, submitting to article directory sites like is good. It gives you more links and the more links you get, the higher you will rank in the search engines. But the article directory sites will not give you extra credibility. Anyone can get published there as long as you follow the site’s editorial guidelines. It will not make you an expert in the eyes of your prospects. So find the top websites that your audience is visiting and submit your articles to those sites.

Rule #3: You must provide unique information that proves you are the expert.

If you provide the same, regurgitated information as everyone else – how is that going to make you any different from your competition? It doesn’t! So, provide your top, expert information. Don’t be afraid to give your best material. By giving great information for free, people will automatically think, “Wow! If I’m getting this kind of information for free, the information that I have to pay for must be out-of-this-world. I must get it now.”

If you follow this advice, you’ll increase your credibility and visibility. And, you’ll be able to answer the question,” “What makes you different from everyone else?”

5 Free Article Marketing Strategies To Explode Your MLM

Implement these strategies into your article marketing routine over the next 90 days and watch your leads explode.. If you give up like most people after a few weeks or are not consistent don’t even try..Your results will accumulate causing a massive explosion in your business as you get more and more content out there.. this is true leverage..Watch each day as you submit your articles to over 200 sites.. article-marketing

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1. Create one new article of 500 to 700 words, blog post, or piece of content a day..don’t worry about how good your writing is or the quality of your topic.. Just do it.. if your waiting for perfect, you will lose..

2. Create Variations of the article. Take an additional 30 minutes and rewrite each sentence at least 3 times to create your article. Submit it with a piece of software to over 300 article directories.. since each directory will have a unique article instead of duplicates this will increase your google rankings.

3. Point all of the article variations back to the original article in the author resource box..Google will rank you higher in the search engines with all this unique content pointing to the original..

4. Create a short, 30 second video of yourself talking about your don’t miss article. Use a video promtion service to broadcast your video to over 70 different video sites..point your link in the video resource box back to the original article.

5. And last Bookmark your original piece of content and your Youtube video, using, which you see below this post. This is a free social bookmarking service which will give you additional exposure.

Thats it my friends! If you do this for the next 100 days.. you will beat out 99.9% of the competition.. If you want to learn how to create massive, ridiculous exposure for your business using Article Marketing, check out aEoethis Free Article Marketing webinar with step by step instructions, FREE..

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