Affiliate Marketing Or PPC. Which Is Better For Monetization?

The ability to create wealth from content is one of the great gifts of the internet age. Talented writers, video creators, and bloggers no longer have to work long jobs to earn money. By creating quality content and monetizing their website, creators can sit at home and earn money.

The ways to monetize content are many. Currently, PPC ads remain the most popular way for bloggers to earn money online. The prospect of making money of single clicks is a very enticing prospect.

Another way of monetization has emerged in the form of affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is very old, but its rapid use by bloggers is a relatively new trend. In this article, we will try to understand which amongst affiliate marketing and PPC is a better way to monetize content.

The Problem Of PPC

Most bloggers today use Google AdSense to allow PPC ads on their website. The procedure is simple.

Any blogger interested in getting PPC ads on their blog can simply apply for Google AdSense. Based on the content of the website, Google places relevant ads on specific pages of the blog. These serve as PPC ads, and bloggers stand to earn commissions based on every click.

The problem with this model is the lack of consistency in the commissions made by the blogger. Some ads end up giving a higher commission and other ads lower while being on the same webpage. This inconsistency is frustrating for bloggers, especially those who depend on ad revenue as their sole source of income.

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Enter Affiliate Marketing

Unlike the inconsistency of PPC ads, affiliate marketing establishes consistency in earnings for bloggers. Affiliate marketing networks assign fixed margins to bloggers who act as affiliates. In affiliate marketing, affiliates know the exact amount of money they stand to make, unlike PPC.

This knowledge helps bloggers a lot, as they can suitably plan their content strategy geared towards promoting a product. Unlike PPC ads which offer no consistency or guarantees, affiliate marketing solves this problem by providing upfront information on commission percentage.

Although PPC ads may end up making more revenue from time to time, affiliate marketing at its best can be much more lucrative. If bloggers create the write content strategy around the products they promote as affiliates, the possibilities for monetization are endless.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a number of benefits over PPC ads. Some of these benefits have been listed below.

  • Fixed commission- As discussed earlier, the best advantage of affiliate marketing over PPC ads is the fixed commission margin. PPC ads lack consistency which ends up harming the overall financial health of bloggers who depend solely on their website for income.
  • Take control of ads displayed- In most cases, PPC ads displayed on a blog are determined by the advertising service in question (Google is most cases). Bloggers have no control over the display of these ads. This is not the case in affiliate marketing, where bloggers can pick and choose the products and brands they’d like to promote.
  • Variety in choice- For PPC ads, the most common option a blogger has is Google AdSense. While there are other options, none are as powerful as AdSense. On the other hand, bloggers have plenty of choices in affiliate marketing. A typical blogger can work as an affiliate for companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and other networks like ClickBank, CJ, and so on.
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While these benefits are clear, it is not wise to completely ignore PPC over affiliate marketing. Both end up contributing a significant amount in the revenue made by a blog or website. However, bloggers are better served to use affiliate marketing to its full potential.

In conclusion i can say that you will have to always learning with new strategies to make a good money with your blog. Learning is an important part of blogging.  You can take help from bloggers, Youtubers or from a Digital Marketing Course Institute on this.

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