A Definitive Guide To Android Operating System

Hello friends, you hear a lot about the word “Android”. I can say definitely that; you surely being used the Android phone. Now the question is

“What is Android?”

Answer of this question is that Android is an operating system created by Google. The Android is assumed to be the better version of Linux kernel and other open source software; it is mainly created for touch screen cell phones. Now the time Google has been developed Android smart TV, Android Auto for cars, and many such technology. In the current world Most of the mobile phones are run on android operating system. It is the most popular mobile operating system in the world.



Android was launched in 2007, and its first Android device in introduced in September 2008. Initially Android was developed by Google but later OHA (Open Telephone Set Alliance) join the Google. To write the embedded code for Android Java is used as an alternative language.
Their main motive for develop the Android is to create a self-made real world system that helps to enhance the mobile knowledge for finish users.

The very first version of Android is Beta versions: Astro and Bender after that Android releases the multiple versions, with the latest version Oreo that was released in December 2017. Android codes are recognised as AOSP (Android Open Source Project), primarily it licensed under the Apache Licence.

Since the unveiled of Android it grabs the big market of mobile phones over the world. From 2011 it becomes the bestselling operating system globally on mobile phones and on tablet from 2013. In May 2017 it crosses the 2 billion monthly active customers and became the biggest installed base of any OS.

Now take a short look on OHA (Open Telephone Set Alliance).
OHA was founded on November 5th, 2007. It is the group of 85 companies such as Samsung, Motorola, Google, HTC, Intel, Micromax etc. These companies are come together to provide the advance open standards service to the mobile handset using the Android Platform.

Attributes of Android


• It is available free of cost.
• It is very easy to modify the Android Platform; anyone can modify it very easily.
• Huge numbers of mobile applications are available in android system.
• It helps for SMS & MMS, connectivity, web browser, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.

Categories of Android applications


Music and Audio
• Travel and Local
• Productivity
• Personalization
• Tools
• Social
• Entertainment
• Media and Video
• Communication

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