5 Best Blogging Sites Based on my Experiences In 2019

These are top five services to create free blogs or web page:

1. Tumblr

Simple and easy to use yet has very classy looks. Tumblr has many beautiful free themes compare to uninteresting and boring themes on other free website services. It has all significant features for busy persons such as mobile publishing and email writing and people can integrate their Facebook and twitter accounts. You can have your Tumblr distinctive front page even if you don’t know html. Downside: I don’t how Tumblr perform in regard to of SEO and SERP.

2. WordPress

In my belief, WordPress is the best site for blogging. You can launch your own website in less than five minutes and have address like your_name.wordpress.com for free. Even with limited features, WordPress.com, still gives many things for internet site starters or casual bloggers and even if you are have no know how on programming. If you concern about SEO, WordPress is perfect choice, all you have to do is get SEO plugin and you are equipped. The downside: WordPress is very strict with the rules, lots of times they erase blogs and web pages without notice.

3. Medium

Medium has comparable characteristics to Tumblr with one less point on usability. The best feature are posting anywhere and integration to other social networking sites. This feature will allow for you to post to more than 20 blogging and micro-blogging sites as well as updates your Twitter account, Facebook, Friendfeed, Identica and many more automatically after you published your content.

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4. Blogger

The best place if you like to set up a blog to get some extra money using Adsense. All you need is a Google email account and you are ready. When you have several items published, you can apply for a Google Adsense account to monetize your Blogger site. This is one of the easiest ways to get an Adsense account. Blogger also makes it possible for you to use your personal domain instead of using blogspot subdomain. To drives more traffics, investigate more about Google Trends and integrate your Blogger to Google Analytics reports.

5. Webs

This is community websites that allow you to create blogs, publish photos and do social networking. I found the overall experiences were good but from a usability point of view it could be improved in particular as opposed to a lot of other services have mention here. This service specifically for private use. If you intend to use a blog to create income, there are many other solutions available to you. This service is for you to post your belief and ideas.


This article is written by Kapil H, An author, content writer & E Commerce specialist & co founderof Delhi Courses, a best & affordable Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.

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